The rhythm of Gozo

Malta is an island nation whose history is clearly visible on its stone walls, its complicated language and its diverse culture. Nowadays, the Maltese live their sunny lives on any of the 3 main islands:Malta, Gozo and Camino, conveniently linked by round the clock ferries and regular buses. We landed in the capital, Valletta and 


Berlin Break

When you get hit in the face with $10 return trip tickets to somewhere in Europe, you take them! And even though the decision to go to Berlin was taken quickly, the city has now become my imaginary go to place when Bucharest is too much to handle.

Treviso – The Layover Series

Just a hop and a skip away from Venice, this small town is a great place for a short layover or a budget way into the area. We were looking for a way to Venice to catch another flight and noticed WizzAir is running really cheap flights to Treviso. The city was just a dot 



The Eternal City and Capital of the World: Rome.


The Gateway to the World as it is sometime called, Rotterdam has seen a lot of action and emerged with renewed energy.


You would think that a city which hosts the Alhambra has nothing else to prove but there are hidden gems all over this place.


This is one of the cities where you feel right at home as soon as you step foot in it.