Stories from Bangalore: Shiva temple rituals

I am not a churchgoer at home. You won’t catch me putting on my Sunday clothes to attend mass or preparing incense and candles for the living or dead. But as soon as I go beyond the border, I will go to any church, temple or wat and instantly become the most uptight devotee that 


Fluffiness overload -Cat ‘n’ A Cup Cafe

I’ve always wondered how a Cat Cafe works and luck has it, we stumbled upon such a place while visiting the north of Thailand. It was great experience, a clean space, no cat wee smell and just loads of sun bathing lazy cats.

Expenses for 3 weeks in Thailand

During the 3 weeks we spent in Thailand in December 2016 we used the app Expenses Manager to keep track of the money in our pocket. The app is very useful if you need to know how much cash you have on you, for quick exchange rates and for keeping track of your daily budget.

Saigon and beyond

There are three stages in getting to know Vietnam. The first one started when I got off the airport taxi, in downtown Saigon(Ho Chi Min City) at 2 in the morning.

99 hours in Shanghai

Shanghai is a town of many faces. You need an open mind and lots of patience to see the charm of this place but once it hits, you’ll want more!