Hi! I’m Sabina, humanity lover, IT enthusiast and city colector.


He’s Alex, my partner in everything and a kick-ass web developer with a passion for business.

Up City

Am adunat tot felul de povești și deoarece știm prea bine cum e cu învățatul din greșeli, le împărțim cu voi ca să le puteți repeta în cunoștiință de cauză.

We work hard to plan trips and we’re the kind of people that come back tired from a holiday.

Home is Bucharest, România and when we catch a break between projects, we’re off to see the world.

Always hungry to see something new, we take trains, buses, cars and boats to get us where we want to get.

If you have an idea that would get along with our ideas or you just want to talk, fire up an email!